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Old Town

The neighbors in Old Town are well-educated and affluent, relishing the European neighborhood ambiance. Expect peaceful, residential streets interrupted by a few commercial stretches. The lively atmosphere is enhanced by top-notch comedy performances that rival the best in town. What sets Old Town apart is its unexpected appeal as an oasis amidst urban expansion. It offers a refreshing escape from the chaos of city life. The real estate market presents a range of options, from affordable walk-up apartments to high-rise condos with stunning lake views. nI Old Town, you'll find a walkable neighborhood with a blend of history, scenic beauty, and vibrant entertainment, making ti a truly captivating place to call home.




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Key Details

  • Location: Old Town is situated just north of downtown Chicago, bounded by North Avenue to the south, Division Street to the north, Clark Street to the east, and Larrabee Street to the west.

  • Historic Character: Old Town is known for its well-preserved historic architecture, including charming 19th-century buildings, cobblestone streets, and Victorian-era homes. The neighborhood retains its historical charm while offering modern amenities.

  • Wells Street: Wells Street is the heart of Old Town's commercial district, featuring a mix of boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

  • Second City: Old Town is home to The Second City, a renowned comedy theater that has produced many famous comedians and comedy shows. It is a hub for improvisational comedy and live performances.

  • Green City Market: The neighborhood hosts the Green City Market, a popular farmers' market that offers fresh, locally sourced produce, artisanal goods, and prepared foods. It promotes sustainable and healthy living.

  • St. Michael's Church: St. Michael's Church, a historic Catholic church known for its stunning architecture, is located in Old Town. The church has played a significant role in the neighborhood's history.

  • Entertainment and Nightlife: Old Town offers a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, music venues, and theaters. It's a hub for cultural events, live music performances, and theatrical productions.

  • Community Festivals: The neighborhood hosts various festivals and events, including the Old Town Art Fair, an annual outdoor art exhibition featuring the work of local and national artists.

  • Historic Landmarks: Old Town is home to several historic landmarks, including the Chicago History Museum, which provides insights into the city's past, and the Old Town Triangle Historic District, preserving the neighborhood's heritage.

  • Residential Diversity: Old Town has a mix of residential options, including historic rowhouses, vintage apartments, and modern condominiums. The neighborhood appeals to both long-time residents and newcomers.

  • Public Transportation: Old Town is well-connected to public transportation, including CTA buses and the Sedgwick Brown Line "L" station, which provides easy access to other parts of the city.

  • Lakefront Proximity: While not directly on the lakefront, Old Town is within a reasonable distance from Lake Michigan and its recreational areas.

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